Even as we speak to the idea of human involvement in the digital marketing process – more and more there is evidence that content can be created automatically without the need for a writer! That will certainly make a lot of marketers unhappy to hear! Let us consider how content automation really works.

Content automation is not a ‘thing’. It is actually a set of technologies that aim to ‘computerize or mechanize’ the processes associated with content marketing. Look out because not only does it intend to automate the generation of content – it also intends to robotically generate the entire content lifecycle!

First consider content marketing as a whole. This is really a component of digital marketing and it aims to build a relationship with potential customers by selling your brand through the dual outlets of your own website and other social media platforms. The goal is to create an entire ‘content experience’. The onset of Artificial Intelligence as a driver of content automation cannot be overstated.

Today there are multiple technologies that support content writers in developing a unique storyline of interest to potential readers such as natural language processing (NLP) techniques. There are also programs that will perform proofreading services such as the very popular Grammarly. Next there are algorithms that can analyze such things as consumer behaviors and utilize this information to inform the direction of the content – tailoring it more to the stated interests of potential customers.

Then there are tools that will help you write the article or content so that it can be ranked high enough to be click-worthy and will remain on a list of first-read material – which is very advantageous to the digital marketer or business owner.

But, just like day-old bread – already written and viewed content quickly (very quickly) becomes stale and the best bet is for it to be refreshed regularly so as to continue to be interesting and relevant to readers and users of the internet. Well, thanks to such programs as Quark – auto-updating is now a reality. It can also adjust format and tailor the content to individual customers!

Yes, indeed, the creation of original content may be going the way of the original writer as technology takes writing out of the hands of humans and places it in what many will say is the more experienced world of technology.

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