One of the greatest challenges in this global online marketplace is not only creating a brand that is universally recognized – but protecting and managing it against potential negative attacks that could bring down all of your hard work. In this blog we will discuss several approaches that can be taken for you to manage your brand.

Different Options

  • Make sure your brand is clear. Do not roll out a brand that is nebulous or difficult to understand. That would make it difficult to gain a foothold in the online marketplace. However, once you have rolled out the brand – baby it. Your brand is representative of you. If your intent is to present as an honest and forthright product or service – do not waver from this. Instead, create and post mission and vision statements that will make it clear to your audience your purpose.
  • Never engage in negative ads or exchanges on social media whether they are related to your business or personal. Do not discuss politics or provide personal perspectives on subjects that can be highly controversial. Your goal is to promote your product or service and social media can quickly become ‘unsocial’. Avoid these interactions at all costs.
  • Take regular surveys of customers or otherwise allow for feedback. If a customer is unhappy with your product or service, it is imperative that you address this immediately. Negative commentary can damage and destroy a brand – and it may not be able to reverse the problem. Engage with unhappy customers on a personal basis and solve their problem with your business. Then ask the customer if they would be willing to provide feedback regarding how it was handled.
  • Do not be tempted to change your brand on a whim. It is extremely hard to get recognized in cyberspace so when people start identifying with your brand – allow them to laud it but don’t be lulled into a belief that you need to update it regularly.
  • Do not be a copycat. Create a personal brand that is lasting. Today’s online audience expects new and different – unique and honest – in their products and services. You will go further if you keep your brand singular instead of making it look like a knockoff of an already popular brand.

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