We live in a time when advanced technology shapes the structure of the world around us.  Today we all carry around a pocket-sized device that has enough advanced technology to launch a satellite into space.  Technology has reached a point where it plays a pivotal role in all aspects of day-to-day life, and business is no different.

Online shopping and services continue to grow in popularity year after year and if you intend to run a successful business you must put the technology to work.  Search Engine Optimization, SEO, provides your business with a tool that can help rank your website higher on Search Engine Results Pages reaching more and more prospective clients.  Visibility and web traffic are essential to a successful business and working with the experts at Progressive Office when designing your website and digital marketing strategy guarantees that you are given the best tools possible to increase your SEO.

There was a time when utilizing certain keywords was the most important technique utilized to build your SEO.  While this is no longer the case, keywords are still a crucial element in successfully building your SEO.  Keywords are words and phrases that are used to find a service or business online.  These keywords must be meticulously researched and used in a specific manner to make the most out of their use.

When researching keywords, it is important to look for ones that have high search rates and low competition.  If you are searching for a vehicle online, using the word “car” to begin your search will provide many more possible links than searching for a “Ford Pickup.”  Adding your location to the search will narrow down your selections even more.  By including secondary and tertiary keywords in your content, they will offer the most value possible to your business.  The art of keyword optimization is one of the many tools that are utilized by the Progressive Office when designing your website. 

The content included on your webpage is another crucial element of increasing your SEO.  Going back to the car example, if you are the one selling vehicles, your website should include content and articles that specifically relate to your service.  By discussing the value of a Ford Pickup over a Dodge in a blog on your site, you will increase your SEO significantly compared to competitors who are not including this type of specific content on their page. 

It is specially designed tools like these that Progressive Office will use to build your SEO, and therefore, your business.  For more information about how Progressive Office can build your SEO, please visit www.progressiveoffice.com or call us at 404-480-0053.