Part 2 will cover Cleaning Up URLs, Including Keywords in URLs, Internal Linking of Website Pages, and Optimization of Images Using Alt Text.

3) Cleaning Up URLs

Each of the pages of a company’s website has a URL or web address. A URL appears beneath each of the titles in a search result. Thus, it is crucial that they appear clean and secure to searchers.

Avoid a confusing URL that has letters and numbers like because it is considered:

  • Confusing – It is difficult to read and remember.
  • Not Clear – URL should indicate the content of webpage.
  • Suspicious – Numbers and letters look like spam, and users may not trust it.

Here is an example of clean URL: There is a much better chance users will click on it because it appears trustworthy, resulting in improved SEO.

4) Including Keywords in URL

Targeted keywords should be included in the URL of a webpage. This will give Google the information needed regarding a page’s content and relevancy. If linking to other webpages using anchor text, try matching the URL to the anchor text. Doing so aids users and generates trust when they are navigating the site, promoting confidence, coherence, and consistency. As a result, both SEO and Google ranking improve.

5) Internal Linking of Website Pages

Google prefers websites that have internally linked pages as this provides network coherence, easing crawling. It also results in improving user experience, making navigation easier and more engaging. This improves SEO because Google favors websites with internal linking.

6) Optimization of Images Using Alt Text

Tagging every image with an alt text or alt tag enables Google to read each image, gather evidence of a page’s relevancy, and index an image for image-only searches. Alt text should have keywords relevant to the page for users typing into search boxes.

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