Whether you are running an inbound marketing or demand generation campaign, the goal is to lead prospects to your website. Below average websites that are missing important components or provide poor user experience will hurt sales efforts and result in less revenue generated than what was expected.

This is quite common. Companies spend time and effort on advertising campaigns, but when potential customers visit their websites, they are not converted because of the weaknesses of the website. Fortunately, these issues can be addressed in a relatively short period of time by working with a skilled and experienced development team that is knowledgeable in web marketing best practices.

The following will discuss eight key website upgrades that can increase the business of your company.

1) Chat Feature

Website visitors like easy access, and adding a chat or messaging feature will allow them to seek help whenever they need want. Today’s consumers are familiar with messaging, texting, and other communication tools online. Since its introduction more than 20 years ago, messaging technology has advanced significantly. Organizations can now use employees or bots to communicate with visitors.

Your business may have more complex messaging requirements. There are solutions available that provide advanced features and customization. Your website developer can assist in matching the intent of a web page to the script for its messaging. For example, a web page can be for answering FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), visitor conversions, or carrying out a transaction.

2) Video

Video can significantly improve the effectiveness of your company’s website in terms of marketing and sales. Its impact will be typically far greater than written content. Many organizations overlook their potential by treating them as mostly informational rather than primarily promotional tools. They should be embedded in main webpages in a prominent way.

Videos can be used on websites by your marketing team for answering questions and delivering educational content. Video can also be used to introduce products, roll out marketing campaigns, share testimonials from satisfied customers, and make announcements celebrating company milestones.

Part 2 will cover Landing Page Redesign, Power Pages, and Tools for Assessment.

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