As discussed previously, below average websites that are missing important components or provide poor user experience will hurt sales efforts and result in less revenue generated than what was expected. Part 3 will cover Fresh Messaging, Using Social Proof, and Data, Analytics, and Insights.

6) Fresh Messaging

The homepages of many websites have bland, uninteresting, and simple text. Simply informing people of what your business does is inadequate. Nowadays, messaging needs to capture the attention and imagination of the visitors of your website. You must tell a captivating story about your business and connect emotionally.

How words are used on your homepage will make a difference. Great stories can summon the emotions of readers, making your company compelling. When this happens, more leads and subsequent sales are generated. Prospects can be converted into customers within minutes in some cases.

7) Using Social Proof

Perhaps the best validation of a service or product is a testimonial from a satisfied client or customer. Providing this kind of social proof on a homepage immediately helps build the credibility of a business. However, some websites position testimonials way too high and too soon on homepages. They should be saved until after the story of your company is told.

The story of your company should cover the pain that you are addressing, the solution you discovered and now applying, and how you differentiate yourselves from competitors. This should be followed with the social proof, which are the success stories of your clients or customers, along with their personal testimonials.

8) Data, Analytics, and Insights

The transformation of your website from merely being an online catalog into a conversion and sales generating machine will depend on how your team uses data and analytics and how you act once insights are gleaned from the information gathered.

Determining the optimizations needed by webpages are based on data measuring the performances of webpages. Being willing and able to make changes quickly will allow companies to take advantage of data captured in real time. In some instances, this agility will soon lead to more business and revenue.

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