When starting a new business, a number of things have to be accounted for, designed, constructed, and prepared for human testing.  A functional and friendly website is an essential aspect of a client’s experience with your company.  It does not matter what you build, sell, or provide, a positive customer experience begins with the website. Your website design is a primary factor in determining the success of the business because it needs to be functional and understandable to your perspective audience.

The website for any startup business needs to be designed with the experience of your desired audience in the forefront.  The first thing that they are going to notice when they hop on the website is the image you have designed for your brand.  Your website is a reflection of your brand and everything that it stands for.  Your business is your passion, your brand is your soul, and your website is a reflection of yourself that you are presenting to the world.  It is important that you live your image and stand up for the values that you wish to instill in your business.  Otherwise, the image that you have worked to cultivate, could turn into a mirage.

Image of your website

The color of your website is an often overlooked key element when thinking about the audience experience.  People inherently have different reactions to different colors.  It’s science.  Blue, purple, and green are soothing and inviting colors, while colors like yellow, orange and red are often related to urgency, danger, and alarm in our minds.  Your choice of color is not nearly as important as how you use it.  With the display of harsh colors in specific patterns, they can depict confidence, passion, and determination.  Color theory is a key component to building your website. 

Progressive Office employs highly skilled and trained professionals with the experience and knowledge to help guide you through this design process so that your website is the reflection of you that it needs to be. The layout is another aspect of your website that helps keep things user-friendly.  The layout should be simple, but flashy in the areas that matter to draw attention where it is wanted.  It is important to walk that thin line between subtlety and fancy without doing too much.  A cluttered website is an anxiety-producing tool of the Devil meant to drive us to our wit’s end.  It is best to avoid building cluttered websites.  They are just…awful.  The website needs to be easy to read, easy to navigate, and, most importantly, functional. 

The pros at Progressive Office are eager and ready to walk you through the whole process.  For more information, please visit www.progressiveoffice.com