Most business websites have a space for customer input. It is up to the business owner to check this regularly and other sites (such as YELP!) where customers can sound off on their retail experiences good or bad. If you are a business owner in today’s digital society, you should expect to have to check on your naysayers and supporters as part of the job.

If you find a negative comment about you, your company or your product do not hesitate to address it personally and as quickly as possible. It is best not to escalate the situation in a war of words. Instead, pleasantly ask the customer to explain their issue in detail and then ask them how things can be resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. You are always an ambassador of good will when it comes to your brand – and negative interactions are just some of the challenges you will face as a business owner. Remember – you can’t please all the people all the time, but one person can make your life miserable and put a dent in your sales that may take years to recover.

You must make your employees understand they have a responsibility to guard the brand as well. One misplaced tweet and your reputation could go up in flames. Today’s business owner not only must embrace social media and digital marketing, but they must train their employees to use it wisely as well. Make it a firm rule that your employees do not utilize your media for personal reasons – private and business interactions should remain separate. You may even need to put a clause in a contract or employee handbook to ensure this is understood and to do otherwise could lead to dismissal. This is not an uncommon request in many companies today.

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