As discussed by Part 1, in order to generate leads and sales, a company website must be designed to attract visitors, who are then engaged by its content. Part 2 will cover Security Concerns, SEO, Social Media, and Web Hosting Services.

Security Concerns

One of the biggest customer concerns when doing online transactions is the security of their personal information. They want to know that their credit card numbers are secure, and so your business will need technology like SSL. Reassure your customers by placing Secure Site certificates on prominent places in your website. The FAQ page should cover security of personal information.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO helps show potential customers and clients the way to your company’s website. This is mainly done through good search engine placement, which will require search engine optimization.

Every webpage of your company website needs to have a shot of getting a good ranking from the search engines. SEO is used to accomplish this by giving a page meta and title tags that are appropriate in relation to the keywords and phrases selected for that page.

Social Media Integration

The majority of business websites are integrated with social media. Creating a strong social media presence for your business on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook will help legitimize your business and can increase traffic to your company’s website. The greater the number of Facebook likes and tweets, the higher your website’s ranking will be among the search engines.

Web Hosting Services

Although free web hosts are out there, numerous visitors will avoid your company’s website when they notice that your business is using one. The majority of free hosting services will not permit using your own domain name. If your company name is Dart Inc., it will look something like this: This will hurt your branding, and it will make your company look like it cannot afford building its own website.

Progressive Office

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