A lot of small business owners don’t know how their business can benefit from having a mobile app. Some think that their websites are enough for customers. However, mobile use exceeded desktop usage in 2014, and this trend has been on the rise since then.

If you have been wondering how a mobile app measures up against a website for your business, try answering the questions below.

  • Are the shopping experiences of regular visitors customized by your website?
  • Does your website provide notifications of coupons and sales to customers when they are close to your store?
  • Do customers take photos of your products and share them on social media platforms?
  • Is your website capable of providing discounts and specials to consumers who are great influencers?
  • When an important customer walks inside your business, does your website let you know?

A mobile app is able to perform all the marketing methods above, while a website can’t. Mobile apps can also utilize biometrics, cameras, geolocation, and sensors. As time passes, these capabilities will improve, and users will depend on their smartphones even more.

Going Mobile

From 2008, the typical user’s smartphone usage grew dramatically from just several minutes a day to the present three hours daily. Users spend 90% of these three hours interfacing with the apps on their mobile devices, while only spending just 10% percent is spent on mobile websites.

Almost 30% of consumers start their way to purchasing on branded mobile apps. They prefer researching products where there are existing branded apps. More than 40% of smartphone users shopping on the go intend to buy inside an hour. Almost 70% of these users end up converting inside a store. Since 2013, consumers who “showroom”, those looking up of products on a mobile device while being inside a store, have grown 400%.

Part 2 will discuss What Your Business Can Gain and Creating a Plan.

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