As discussed by Part 1, many small business owners don’t know how their business can benefit from having a mobile app. Part 2 will discuss What Your Business Can Gain and Creating a Plan.

What Your Business Can Gain

The following discusses the three chief benefits for getting a mobile app for your business.

  • Generate Revenue – Retailers can create more income streams with mobile apps through in-app purchases and ads.
  • Access New Group of Consumers – In addition to existing customers utilizing your app, a new group of consumers can be accessed with your new mobile app.
  • Highlight Products & Services – A mobile app is a tool for users, but it can also deliver advertising about your business to consumers.

Creating a Plan

Businesses that have made to commitment to building an app should create a plan. Selecting staff members who represent the main departments of your company for an app team is a good initial step. They should then list what the app should accomplish, which will typically include customer acquisition, engagement, and conversion.

Once the goals have been indentified, the team should determine the features the app will need. Several of the most popular app features are summarized below.

  • Customer Loyalty Program – Management can be performed via the mobile app, allowing customers to accumulate, watch, and redeem the points they’ve earned.
  • Geolocation and Map Integration – Enables a company to know the locations of users to guide them to stores. Staff can be notified when VIP customers have entered. Feature also allows location-based coupons or specials.
  • Mobile Shopping & Payments – Eases shopping and buying from a smartphone.
  • One Touch – Just one click needed to pay for purchase because contact information included.
  • Push Notifications – A crucial app feature enabling communications that will be relevant and timely to users.
  • Social Media – A company’s social media platforms are integrated on its mobile app, and customers can easily connect to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.

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