Balance is the key for a solid social media outreach strategy. If you are too restrained about marketing your products or services, campaigns may be ignored. Being too aggressive will result in turning people off. Creating an effective social media outreach will require your team to create the right mix. The following will discuss key tactics that will improve your social media outreach.

Share Content and Your Point of View

Sharing content of influencers is a proven method for getting more attention. However, hitting the share button is just the beginning. You will be more effective by including your point of view in a genuine way. An influencer will also be more likely to respond if you post something compelling.

Guest Posting

Take advantage of the opportunities arising from guest blogging and podcasting on other websites. You must be assertive about promoting your own content, which is often forgotten by guests. Doing so will drive more engagement. Afterwards, review the mentions on social media generated by your guest appearances as a way of measuring your impact.

Q&As and AMAs

Live Q&As and Ask Me Anythings (AMAs) are terrific ways for establishing your voice as being an influencer within a community. Participate in Q&A sessions being held by relevant industry groups. Make each opportunity count by sharing interesting opinions and asking thoughtful questions. You will be making your debut before a new audience that you know is interested in your field of expertise. It will be your chance to shine by sharing information and being influential.  

Social media can provide a great forum for Q&A an AMA sessions you create. For example, Twitter is a great place to host live written Q&As. Facebook and Instagram are platforms where you can host live Q&A sessions over video. Being a regular on social media platforms will allow you to gradually build your online presence and reputation as an expert.

Part 2 will discuss Paid Promotion and Marketing Automation.

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