Effective marketing is essential to business success in today’s uber-charged competitive environment. Consumers are assaulted on all fronts with advertisements for every type of product and service you could possibly imagine. Carving out a niche requires a marketing expertise that has become so sophisticated the business owner is better off leaving the marketing campaign development to experts who are seasoned professionals. One reason for this is that marketing has gone digital and a whole new crop of marketers know how to reach consumers using media to appeal to all your senses.

And just what is digital marketing (if you have to ask…that’s the first indication you need the marketing support of cutting-edge experts). Digital marketing is a form of direct marketing that links consumers and retailers or sellers through interactive technologies – mediums that continue to grow and morph – and include everything from websites to online brochures, electronic advertising to social mediums…and more.

The main objective of digital marketing is to promote brands through digital media. This now includes mobile phones as a main source of message delivery besides the internet which has been the driver of digital marketing for several decades. Along the way interaction between consumers and retailers has changed dramatically from a linear form of exchange to a non-linear, free-flowing exchange of ideas and information.

Consider the commonly identified channels of YouTube, FB, Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram, multiple online communities and social networks and you can begin to grasp the expansiveness and hyper-acceleration of information access and sharing. Digital marketing has now created an environment in which it is possible to state that ‘the world is at your feet’…and consumer buying power is unmatched.

Before you begin rubbing your hands together in delight at the prospect of reaching a whole new level of customers – it is important to know that digital media ‘giveth’ and digital media ‘taketh away’. Indeed, using digital media as a vehicle for advertising and reaching customers is a prerequisite of operating in today’s retail environment. However, it is very easy to alienate customers with one misplaced word or comma. Understanding how to harness digital media to promote your brand successfully and for the long term requires the finesse of experts!

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