Social Media hit this world like a tidal wave.  It just boomed.  It started as a place to meet new people to chat with and message.  AOL gave us the first chat rooms where people with different views and interests can talk to people just like them.  Then along came Instant Messenger.  This was the first option that challenged “The Phone Call.”  Instant Messenger allowed someone to have a conversation all day, at their convenience. The window stays open and allows for the user to hop right back where they started from.  MySpace was very much like Messenger, but it allowed users to decorate their homepage with pictures and music and anything they wanted to make their own.  But it was really nothing more than a glorified Messenger that got frozen all the time.  MySpace opened the door, and Facebook strolled in and slammed the door in MySpace’s face.

Facebook went from a neat little website college friends could reconnect and converse with one another.  Facebook was college students only, at first, but eventually opened the gates, and everyone came rushing through.  Today, people cannot live without Facebook.  It allows us to obsessively see what other people are doing and share our thoughts with others every 12 seconds.  What really lit the fire underneath the Facebook rocket was advertising, also known as digital marketing.  Celebrities, businesses, extremely popular Facebookers, were all able to start allowing companies to market themselves on Facebook.  As someone scrolls through their Wall, now called The Timeline, advertisements would pop up throughout the scroll.  Algorithms are used to determine which advertisements are best for each page, and the page owner would get paid to allow these companies to advertise on their page. 

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has become the cornerstone of how businesses put themselves out there.  With digital marketing, companies could use photos, videos, banners, anything that they could think of could be put on Facebook, and it proved to create significant growth in production.  Facebook not only inspired other up-and-coming social media platforms but also showed the creators of these new sites how to monetize their efforts through digital marketing.

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