Although social media is four decades old, it took the launch of Facebook 10 years ago for businesses to begin considering its power as a marketing tool. In the past, branding revolved around broadcast commercials, newsletters via email or fliers, and print advertisements. The advent of social media gave companies another mode for connecting with customers.

Maintaining brand consistency throughout every means of marketing, including social networks, can be difficult. Ensuring your company’s content carries a consistent tone on both social media and TV commercials can be a challenge when some differentiation is necessary to reach the particular audiences of the two media. Your brand must remain recognizable on every medium.

An organization’s brand goes far beyond its logo and motto. Your brand also includes the emotions it evokes – how customers feel about your company. This feeling is developed by applying a consistent approach concerning every customer interaction with your brand.

Basics of Branding

Perhaps the initial step for company branding is ensuring consistency regarding the color palette, company bio, imagery, logo, marketing copy, and motto. There can be variations of each, but they should be determined by the target audience of a campaign. What is essential is maintaining a certain feeling throughout regarding your brand, which will aid its recognizability no matter the platform.

As an example, your company should use an identical logo on its Facebook and Twitter pages, while also using the same colors for your banner on both platforms. This may not be necessary or appropriate for individual marketing campaigns, but being consistent at the headings of both platforms will maintain the branding for your company. The consistent use of company logo and color palette will help visitors instantly recognize your company.

Part 2 will discuss Four Effective Strategies for social media branding.

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