As mentioned by Part 1, the advent of social media gave companies another mode for connecting with their customers. Part 2 will discuss Four Effective Strategies for social media branding.

1) Extending Visual Branding

Extending your company’s visual branding will entail utilizing the identical fonts and colors in graphics, images, and videos. Over time, consistency in these aspects on every social media platform will establish brand recognizability, making it identifiable almost instantaneously in the eyes of many visitors. 

2) Establishment of Brand’s Tone and Voice

Following visual branding, the photo captions and marketing copy used in posts is the next crucial aspect of social media branding.  Each social media platform a company uses may have an individual tone and voice. Depending on the approach needed, it could be gently mothering, helpfully informative, sarcastically funny, etc. A brand’s voice needs to be clearly established and consistent over social media and other modes of marketing. Details such as persona, personality traits, vocabulary, and catchphrases should be set forth in a tone and voice guide to help ensure consistency in copy.

3) Marketing Persona Development

As with tone and voice, the marketing persona used may vary depending on the social media platform. This is necessary because audiences differ in terms of demographics from platform to platform. Snapchat will reach younger audiences, while Facebook reaches older ones. Your social media marketing campaigns will be much more effective if you are aware of the audience’s demographics of each platform. Thus, it is advantageous to create multiple personas for marketing campaigns.

4) Create Individual Account for Each Area of Focus

A company with a wide range of services and products may find it beneficial to maintain several accounts for each social media platform. This can be advantageous because an individual account can be used to focus on the branding of a particular service or product, allowing it to target a particular audience or location in order to deliver the most relevant content.

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