Relating to your customers will give you a greater reach and enhance your digital presence.

Social networks have become fundamental for the interaction of people, today at least 70% of the population has access to social networks and uses them daily to communicate and keep up with what is happening in the world.

Companies have not been left behind; they have understood the importance of social networks and how they offer a huge platform for their digital presence. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many others have allowed companies to reach new audiences and take their brands to new levels.

Read on and learn a little more about how social media works for companies!

Why is it essential for your company to have social networks?

The average person spends about 2 hours a day on social networks, during this time, they are not only talking to other people, but they are also being exposed to thousands of advertisements for products and services. At least 5% of these people click on one of the ads and are redirected to the page of the company that sells that product or offers that service. 

Around 700 million people look for companies through social networks, either because they are loyal to their brand or because they want to receive personalized attention or have any questions answered.

If your company does not have social networks it is losing hundreds of thousands of potential customers, or worse, those thousands of potential customers are captivated by a rival company that knows how to handle social networks to promote itself.

Besides, social networks not only serve to sell and promote your product or service, but they are also useful to develop a “brand culture” for your company. The content you post on your social networks can be attractive to potential customers, for example, a person may get to know your page through a video you posted on YouTube, or a meme that you shared on Facebook. However, this will largely depend on the segmentation of your target audience and who you want to reach.

Proper management of social networks is the key to achieving a dominant digital presence, so it should not be left to chance, and it is always recommended to hire an expert who masters the management of all the social media accounts of your company.

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