A business simply cannot survive without a website.  Bluntly stated because in today’s world it is an absolute truth. . .  unless you run a Chinese Restaurant.  Chinese Restaurants will always survive off that paper menu that looks the same from sea to shining sea.  Every restaurant, everywhere, has the same paper menu.  If they have a website, it was designed by Grub Hub.  But even though their lack of a website, Chinese restaurants are teaching the first step in Web Design. 

Know yourself.  Define your product.  Chinese restaurants are defined by the fact that they are the same, everywhere you go.  There might be a little hitch here and there, but I am fairly confident that I can go to North Dakota and get the same shrimp lo mein that I get in Alabama, from a restaurant with no website and a paper menu.  They know, as well as I do that the food is the same, and the menu is the same, and that’s that.

Know yourself.  Take a look at your business idea and evaluate it thoroughly with your team so that you have a full vision of your business before you make any moves.  Once you have taken this time, and you truly know yourself, it is time to start designing the website.  Progressive Office has a number of skilled web designers that are masters of their craft.  When you have your idea fully mapped out in your head, you can sit down with the web designer and start bringing it to life.

Now that you are sitting down with your web design artist from Progressive Office, work can begin on the prototype.  You and your expert web designer are going to take those ideas out of your head and put them on the screen.  Not all of these ideas are going to work.  Some things in your head cannot be translated into the real world, and that is ok.  You tried, and you learned; you adapt and move forward. 

By going through your thoughts and developing the prototypes you will start to see what works and what does not, and you will have to start making choices. The hard part here is to remember that the decision is not about which design is your particular favorite, and you, you, you.  This website may be yours, but it is not for you.  It is for your customer. 

Which designs will your customer respond to the most? Which is appropriate for your customers?  Which functions the way your customers will want it to?  As you are answering these questions, your web design artist from Progressive Office will be right next to you, putting the finishing touches together until it is time to implement the project. 

Now that you have your website out there and you see how it is working, you can also see what is not working.  Seek feedback from your customers.  What is working for them?  What is not?  As long as you are making decisions with your customer being the number one priority, Progressive Office will perfect your website for them.  For more information, please visit www.progressiveoffice.com