Although upgrading your website can seem stressful, expensive, and time-consuming, there are benefits for your business that will make doing so worthwhile. It will bring in the new and throw out the old, which will attract more customers by refreshing the online presence of your company. The following will discuss the Top 8 reasons why your website needs an upgrade.

1) No Upgrade for Years

In the modern world, IT innovations are being introduced practically every minute. Organizations that do not keep pace with changes in technology will fall behind their competitors. Older websites will probably use code that is no longer industry standard. This will result in poor UI (user interface) and UX (user experience), making the website hard to use. For example, websites built a long time ago typically use unneeded HTML code, which results in slower loading and a subsequent negative effect on search page rankings.

2) Unresponsive

An unresponsive website will be unpredictable as to how it behaves on various devices. Since smartphones and tablets become more preferred than PCs for browsing around the world, a website design that is responsive for mobile devices will be a requirement when updating your company’s website. Five years ago, Google revised their algorithms to favor responsive website designs in terms of search rankings.

3) Unintuitive and Not User-Friendly

A website that is consistent, easy to navigate, and structured well will be intuitive and user-friendly. If your website does not have these qualities, it is probably the case that most visitors will leave in less than 10 seconds. In addition, the few visitors who remain will find it difficult to figure out how to navigate your website to obtain what they want. Converting them into customers will be very difficult if your website cannot guide them to sign-up pages and your best products.

Part 2 will cover five more of the Top 8 reasons why your website needs an upgrade.

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