As discussed by Part 1, upgrading your website can bring benefits to your business. Part 2 will cover five more of the Top 8 reasons why your website needs an upgrade.

4) Competitors Have Better Websites

You will probably lose business to competitors online if you have an outdated website, and their websites were recently built. If done properly, upgrading your website can give your company a quick boost. Reinvigorate your website by giving it a fresh, modern look and making it easier to use. Updating the content can also attract new visitors and more business.

5) Lacks Calls to Action

Every website needs calls to action that can effectively convert visitors to customers. Placing a link or button that is a call to action strategically on a web page can increase the number of conversions. Every call to action link or button should be attractive, compelling, and well-positioned to maximize the conversion rate of your website.

6) Effectiveness Can’t Be Measured

Sophisticated applications that can perform analytics for measuring how effective a company’s website typically require a website with modern features. An upgrade of your outdated website will allow the use of analytical tools that will gather the data required for formulating the online strategy of your business.

7) To Implement SEO Best Practices

Regularly updating content should be part of every enterprise website’s implementation of SEO best practices. Newer content is preferred over older content when page rank results are generated by search engines. A website that is offering content several years old will eventually drop in rankings.

8) To Improve Security

Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their attacks on company websites. Every business must prepare for this onslaught by strengthening its cybersecurity. Outdated websites are more vulnerable to cyberattacks because of its reliance on older technology. The first step is ensuring your website is utilizing an SSL certificate being protected through HTTPS.

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