When did your child’s school last send home a printed newsletter? More and more schools are transitioning to using social media and mobile apps to keep parents informed. Students can also benefit from mobile apps by improving their learning retention and making studying fun. If your school is ready tou transition to a mobile app, you may be bombarded with various options and features. We have compiled a list of the top “must-have” features you should look for in a school mobile app.

  •  The ability to send push notifications

55 – 60% of app users agree to enable push notifications for various apps. Getting information out quickly to parents is imperative in school closures or emergencies. The school may also wish to communicate about upcoming parent-teacher conferences, fundraisers, or student activities. Rather than relying on a parent to remember to open their mobile app, you can enable the app to send out a push notification.

  • Clear communication with parents

Being able to stay in communication with parents improves students’ test scores and fosters a better learning environment. Look for a mobile app that allows teachers to easily send a parent notification if their student has missed too many days of school. You can also enable messaging if a student is underperforming on tests or their grades are sliding in a subject matter.

  • Ability to download on Apple or Android smartphones

A school mobile app must be available on the Apple and Google Play stores because parents and teachers will have a mix of the two phone operating systems. Choosing an app that is only compatible with one operating system will exclude half of your parents from participating. This is a recipe for disaster with your school’s mobile app.g

  • Ability to sync with your website or social media

Schools must keep the following updated: email newsletters, social media channels, and websites. Adding a school mobile app to the list of communication channels can be a big ask for your school’s secretary to keep updated. Many school apps can be integrated with your website or social media, so you have one less channel to keep updated.

Build a Custom Mobile App with Progressive Office

Progressive Office can custom-make a mobile app with only the features and designs your school requires. The needs of every school are different, so let your mobile app showcase what makes you unique. Please get in touch with our office at 404-480-0053 to begin the process of designing your school’s new mobile app.