As discussed by Part 1, effectively implementing SEO results in giving websites greater visibility and searchability, and it also provides several more benefits to businesses. Part 2 will discuss Local SEO, Optimized User Experience, and Quantifiability.

Local SEO

As smartphone increasingly grows, local search will become an even more important aspect in the success of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). The objective of local SEO is to optimize digital properties for a particular area, enabling people who are in the vicinity to find a business easier and faster, leading to more transactions and revenue. A brand’s messaging can focus on a particular town, city, region, or state through local optimization. User reviews on Angie’s List, Home Advisor, and Yelp, should also be emphasized in local SEO efforts.

Optimized User Experience

Every organization aims for high organic rankings and great visibility. What may not be apparent is that optimizing user experience is an important aspect of accomplishing these two things. Google analytics can determine whether user experience is positive or negative, and this plays a key factor in the success of a website because it influences the creation of Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs. Thus, high quality SEO will help users find the information they are seeking faster or more easily.


Although SEO will not provide easily calculated ROI of paid search, a company’s marketing efforts over the internet can be measured with tracking and analytics, making their effectiveness quantifiable from the data gathered. Through the effective implementation of SEO techniques, sales and promotions can be more easily found and discovered. A specific campaign can be then evaluated based on the increase of traffic generated and the conversions that resulted in sales.

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