COVID-19 has changed the way that a lot of schools have to operate.  Brick and Mortar schools were completely shut down, but kids need to go to school.  Nothing can change that simple fact.  Children need a proper education.  Obviously, complications arise under these situations. 

This is where companies like Progressive Office can step in and save the day.  Progressive Office is a company that designs mobile apps for schools, police stations, homeowner associations, you name it.  We will come in and design a personalized product just for you.  By individually designing mobile apps will skill and care, Progressive Office will be sure to satisfy all of your needs.  So, when COVID came through, and these changes for schooling needed to be addressed, Progressive Office can come in and save the day.

Mobile App

The first thing to include in a mobile app for school is the ability to start group video sessions.  This video technology not only allows students and teachers to have a class over the phone but also empowers teachers to get creative with their lesson plans.  Without being able to have the students in the classroom, teachers face the specific challenge of completely redesigning the lesson plan, which can also be found on the app.

Parents and students can use the app to look over the lesson and see everything that the student needs to be successful.  Teachers can also record their classes to be put on the app for students to access the information if they miss a class.  Students who are out sick, or not in class for whatever reason can use the app to attend classes so they do not fall behind.

The app allows for all readings, and class activities that would usually be done by handing out a worksheet can now be put on the app.  This also applies to all of those letters that get sent home to parents.  These can be put on the app, as well.  All the money that the school will now save on paper can be redirected to a fund that sends classes on school trips to Hawaii or Bangkok.  To help fund these trips, the app can be used to sell advertising spots for school events and for non-profit and other organizations that the school uses throughout the year.

In addition, the school can provide schedules for athletic and other school events.  The list goes on and on, and the experts at Progressive Office know how to provide service for all of them by designing the app to meet your exact needs.  If you have any questions or need an app designed for your school, please visit