As discussed by Part 1, mobile business apps are essential marketing channels that can help businesses of every size. Part 2 will cover five more reasons why mobile apps are a must for small businesses.

4) Grow Customer Base – After a mobile app is advertised and made available on various app stores, many more consumers outside your existing customer base will be able to learn about your products or services, perhaps increasing revenue streams. In addition, a good mobile business app can be easily integrated with your social media marketing efforts, and a wider audience can be reached.

5) Increase Marketing Campaigns – When digital marketing is deployed through a company’s website or its mobile app, marketing campaigns can be launched much more quickly and efficiently than traditional methods. Campaigns can also be shorter in duration and focused, allowing a business to concentrate on certain product lines or services.

6) Insights From Analytics – A very valuable benefit from having a mobile business app is its ability to collect data from users. Business owners can determine which services and products are getting the most interest from the clicks of consumers. Analytics are very valuable to companies that know how to use the data gathered for future sales and marketing efforts.

7) Promote Special Sales Efforts – For many businesses, there will occasionally be certain products and services that need to be converted quickly into sales and revenue. These special campaigns have a feeling of urgency about them, and a mobile app can be easily used to quickly send promotional coupons that are only valid for a limited time.

8) Raise Marketplace Profile – Used effectively as a communications channel, a mobile app can give a company a higher marketplace profile. Contact details are also more readily available on an app, helping generate business. Organizations that have mobile apps definitely stand out over their competitors who don’t because they are more tech-savvy.

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