Part 2 will discuss Augmenting Advertising, Competitive Advantage, Optimizing Business Processes, Promoting Customer Loyalty, and Valuable Analytics.

Augmenting Advertising

When a business launches its own mobile app, it will be augmenting its advertising. A mobile app allows businesses to deploy marketing campaigns via another channel. Press releases, news, sales, specials, and discounts can all be released via mobile apps. Feedback from customers can be received in terms of polls, surveys, and ratings, which can be used for advertising if positive or constructive.

Competitive Advantage

Companies that deploy a mobile app have a competitive advantage over competitors who do not have one. All the benefits from having a mobile app listed in this article will not be available to businesses that only have websites.

Optimizing Business Processes

For example, a mobile app conveying the interactions of staff members, managing and monitoring processes, transmitting data and files, and analyzing statistics processes, exchanging files and data promotes teamwork and communication. In addition, mobile apps can be created to help organize and automate tedious or repetitive business tasks.

Promoting Customer Loyalty

A mobile app that allows restaurant customers to reserve a table, order meals, or pay their bill will make their dining experience more convenient, which helps generate loyalty for the establishment. Similarly, making shopping much easier at a store through a mobile app can help create loyal customers. Push notifications announcing special bonuses, discounts, and sales that are exclusive to app users can also generate loyalty.

Valuable Analytics

When a company deploys its own mobile app, it will have a tool that is capable of collective valuable data that can help improve its performance in advertising, marketing, and sales. Information from apps can help determine how a business can be more effective in reaching consumers and generating revenue.  

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