You are most likely reading this article on your smartphone. Nowadays, smartphones are used for everything, from catching up on social media to performing online banking. With the popularity of smartphones, it makes sense to integrate a mobile app into your school’s learning environment. Read on to find a list of the top reasons that your school needs a mobile app:

  • Appeal to low-income or rural students

Many rural communities or low-income students cannot access reliable home internet. Even if these populations have internet access, it may be slow or have a spotty connection. Kids may also not have access to a laptop or desktop if only one is available in the household. A mobile app is ideal in these communities so that you do not have students that feel excluded or left out.

  • Keep parents informed at a moment’s notice

Some schools starve parents for information. It can feel like pulling teeth to determine which days a school is closed or letting students out early. In emergencies, a school may not have a great way to reach most parents aside from painstakingly making phone calls.

Putting an alert out on a social media channel may not reach everyone simultaneously, especially if the parent is at work or does not check their social media often. School mobile apps allow the administration to communicate important information with parents quickly. With the ability to send out push notifications, you can soon get a parent’s attention.

  • Provide video lessons and online learning resources.

When a student is having difficulty with a lesson, it can be beneficial to revisit the lecture. Mobile apps allow teachers to record addresses either by video or audio and upload them to the app. Students can re-watch old lectures before a test or if they are having trouble completing homework. If a student misses a day of school for a sickness or school closure, they can easily catch up on the lesson by watching the video lesson on the app.

Contact Progressive Office for a School Mobile App

In the digital age, your school needs a mobile app to keep parents informed and involved in their child’s school work. Let Progressive Office customize a mobile app for your school. We can add or remove any features your school seeks in a mobile app. Please contact us at 404-480-0053 to speak with a representative about the perfect mobile app package for your school.