On-page SEO are methods for configuring a website’s structure and adding features to a website page that will optimize the ability of a search engine to crawl, categorize, and index pages. The following will cover six methods for optimizing a website page, increasing the probability it will be found by Google and appearing in search results.

1) Optimization of Titles

The title is the hyperlinked text of a website page appearing in search results. Titles are highly important for SEO ranking. A title is the first item users see when reviewing a results page to decide on which one to click. For improving a website’s SEO, each of its pages requires a title with the following characteristics:

  • Compelling – An SEO title should grab the attention of users.
  • Accuracy – An SEO title should mirror the contents of its website page and not trick users to attract them.
  • Conciseness – A search engine will only display the initial 65-75 characters of a title tag in each search result.

2) Optimization of Meta Descriptions

The SEO description or meta description of a web page is the small blurb below a title as served up by search results. Meta descriptions provide users a quick idea of a page’s contents, allowing them to swiftly determine whether it has the information they need to click on it.

In order to improve SEO, ensure each of your website’s pages has a meta description with the following features:

  1. Brief description of the page’s contents
  2. Info on what page will provide visitors
  3. Has target keywords for page

    Good meta descriptions drive more traffic to website pages from search engine results. Users will also remain longer after arriving by looking at other pages on your website, decreasing bounce rates that can reduce SEO ranking.

Part 2 will cover Cleaning Up URLs, Including Keywords in URLs, Internal Linking of Website Pages, and Optimization of Images Using Alt Text

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