As search engine optimization (SEO) is a process, the steps needed must be customized for each website and the work will be ongoing. You may be unfamiliar with what will be required to improve your website’s SEO, and so you are reluctant to do anything that will disrupt your company’s routine. However, the benefits outweigh any inconvenience because SEO results in a higher ranking on Google search result pages, generating more visits to your website. An SEO expert can also help you make this project go much smoother and faster when performing the five steps recommended below.

1) Targeting Your Audience

The first step is considering your audience and figuring out the keywords they will use for searching. Think about the other websites they will visit. What is the most likely way people will find your website? How will they be searching? In order to organize your website properly, you must first understand your audience.

Main Steps

• Accurately determine what people will be searching for on your website.
• Find market segments to create various targeting patterns.
• Do research on how your competitors are attracting visitors to their websites.
• Test the strategies of competitors that you believe may be effective for your site.

2) Content Relevance and Usefulness

Keeping your website content concise will make it accessible to the majority of visitors. People must not be forced to work hard to find the information they are looking for. The text of your website has two goals. The first is to attract visitors, and the second is to be considered useful by search engines. Ensure text is balanced with relevant keywords.

Main Steps:

• A page should not be overloaded with either text or graphics.
• Strike a fine balance between text and graphics.
• Utilize relevant keywords, including both external and internal links.
• Keep it fresh by regularly updating the website content and attract visitors.

Part 2 will cover Schema Markup, Mobile Friendly, and Meta Tags.

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