As discussed by Part 1, a website’s design can be a great factor in whether or not a business will succeed. Part 2 will discuss Navigation, Organization & SEO, and Visual Elements of Content.


When a website has numerous pages, making navigation easy is essential. Two features that make this possible is a menu that displays a list of web pages and a navigation bar with clear labels. The well-designed website navigation makes it easy for visitors to explore and learn more about your company. Making navigation simple and intuitive is the key.

Text & SEO

The text should be arranged on websites so that it can be read the same way we read a book, which is left to right and top to bottom. As the majority of people begin reading in the upper left area of a webpage, designers locate key, important information in this location. Doing so makes it more likely that you will communicate with visitors, increasing the chance they will be converted to customers.

Using the highest visibility web areas for locating crucial information can also result in the improvement of SEO (search engine optimization). This occurs when company-related keywords are incorporated within the HTML text of a webpage. Enabling search engines like Google to crawl inside a website results in higher placement in search engine results. This increases the visibility and searchability of a website.

Visual Elements of Content

The visual elements of content revolve around a website’s typographic features, including the fonts used. This aspect of web design can be used to accurately communicate to a target audience. Research has found users are more likely to recall a message that is concise and relevant to them.

Being excessive in the use of visual elements may do harm to a website. Webpages crammed with content often look sloppy and have lower conversion rates. This is because cluttered pages are harder to read, causing disinterest in visitors and driving them away.

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