No one starts a business simply to fail except for truly masochistic individuals.  A growing business needs to have a product or service that people want, a functional and easily navigated website, and excellent customer service.  The issue that some business owners can run into is thinking these things are the main focus of getting the business off the ground.  This is true.  Product, Access, Service are three key elements to the success of any business.  What is often overlooked is SEO and how it directly correlates with ultimate victory.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.”  SEO is made up of multiple different elements.  The more you understand these elements and their function, the greater your ability to use them to your advantage.  SEO makes your business more visible by using specific algorithms and “crawlers” to determine which websites are most suited to your search request.  “Crawlers” are programs that scan the internet and send relevant photos and information back to the search engine for further use.  Crawlers look for words and phrases that are used to match the search.  Keywords are crucial to your SEO and can bump your business up the list.

Success to Your Website

Website content is the next vital element in determining SEO.  For example, if you are a mechanic, your website should include blogs and posts that directly relate to vehicle maintenance and repair, and the specific types of vehicles that you specialize in.  This way when someone is searching for a mechanic, your business will appear higher on the list because of its relevance to the search. 

Once a prospective client gets on the website, they must be able to navigate it and be drawn in.  The last thing you want is for your website to be the kind that is glanced at and forgotten.  Blogs and website content must also be engaging and entertaining.  Quality of content is just as important as quantity. Your SEO does not matter if your online presence does not keep the user’s attention.

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