Consumers want a sound mind knowing that they are protected from vandalisms, break-ins, and theft. A low voltage security system is a preferred solution to protection. While they tend to use less power than their high voltage competition, they also help to reduce the risk of shock in fixtures.

Closed-circuit television, or CCTV, surveillance systems are made up of monitors, digital recorders, and cameras to allow for you to view live images and recorded footage. This low voltage system is typically thought of as a video surveillance system and is capable of being monitored by the consumer or an active company. The images from the cameras are constantly on live feed, which can be viewed via computer or phone with compatible apps and transmitted into the digital recorder for playback viewing. Additional features can be added to the security system such as motion sensors to detect movement, wireless transmission, and a panic switch.

An intrusion detection system consists of several motion sensors, contacts for all entry points and panic switches. The security system can be synced with other monitoring systems, access controls and alarms. The complexity of this type of system gives the consumer the capability to protect key points in a building, particularly a larger one. With the detection of motion, the detector will trigger a loud noise, typically a siren, to intimidate and scare off the intruder. If you upgrade to monitoring services through the installation company, police will be automatically notified when the sensors are triggered.

Access control systems give individuals the access to the building that it is protecting. This is possible by installing a card reader or a biometric scanner to identify fingerprints or facial features. Installing a biometric scanner at each entrance will give you the option of customizing who can come into which entrance. By the means of a computer, records are kept electronically of the time that the person entered and exited the building. It also processes denied entries and records it to the database. However, these systems must be professionally designed with certified technicians and main regular maintenance through the company. They are also not fool proof when the machine is not a biometric scanner. Even though a key code or a card has been given to a certain individual, those individuals can share the code or keycard with another.

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