Using Social Media to market goods and services is a practice that has grown in popularity to the extent that it is essential to any successful business.  For the better part of 20 years social media has been an integral part of daily life, and one of the most effective ways to advertise your business specifically toward your client base.  Different platforms each offer unique features that contribute to different methods of marketing.

The experts at Progressive Office are able to walk you through the best way to market your product using social media and which platform is best suited to your needs. Reddit is one of the more established social media services. Currently serving upwards of 400 million users, Reddit is gaining steam with younger crowds every day.  With no specific recipe or structure to the content, conversations or threads are completely at random and ranked based on how many “upvotes” they get, which determines where a post lands on the Reddit feed.  The more “upvotes” a thread gets, the longer it trends and the more visible it is to users, while a “downvote” will push it down and out of sight.

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Reddit users are there to learn something new, find entertaining content, or chat with like-minded individuals.  They are not there to be told how great a product or service is and why they should spend their money on it.  By only allowing content to be posted by those who have a significant presence on the site, Reddit can add a more personalized appeal to your marketing plan. 

Because users can specifically decide what topic they want to cover, you can focus time on getting to know the community that you are targeting, and direct advertising in a more relaxed and streamlined manner because the users can find your product on their own based on the threads they follow and participate in, instead of just throwing an ad for an “unrelated” or “generic” product in front of EVERYONE, when it only applies to a very small and distinct percentage of the social media population.

Caffeine launched in 2018 and is the new worldwide social broadcasting platform for live streaming entertainers, gamers, and athletes . Utilizing live streaming, content creators can promote their brand, engage with fans, and monetize their content with no ads popping up left and right.  It is a common misconception that being an ad-free site infers that it would not be an ideal use of your marketing budget. In fact, it is quite the contrary.   With the ability to post ad-free marketing, users can post content without having to worry about ads for a competitor being shown on top of their video.  The ability for streamers to directly interact with a user in real-time is as direct as any marketing campaign can get. 


Finally, Pinterest works like a digital corkboard.  One of the fastest-growing social media platforms, Pinterest boasts over 450 million users and counting.  These users can use their Pinterest page to post images, ideas, and wish lists.  Any and all posts can be traced back to the website of origin, which is how Pinterest best utilizes social media marketing.  If any posts, or “pins” propose an idea, want, or need, businesses can respond directly to those wishes if their product can fill the need.

By referring users to businesses and services directly related to their consumer’s needs, businesses can post content that directly influences the user by keeping them reading, clicking, and scrolling.  Increasing the amount of time a user spends clicking, strolling, and reading through goods and services that directly meet their needs and keeps their interest peaked, leading to more sales, and referrals from happy customers, and referral traffic is the reason why marketers allocate the amount of energy and effort into social media that they do.

The social media landscape is and will always be in a constant state of change and, when formulating your marketing strategy is important to have people in your corner who are well versed in how to best market your product and build your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which determines where your business falls on the waiver wire that is Google Search. 

The amazing group of people at Progressive Office have dedicated their lives to being at the forefront of marketing innovation as the social media marketing climate changes day after day.  For more information, please visit