Staying competitive in today’s world that is driven by technology requires a basic understanding of key components. One of the most important in utilization of the internet to move your business forward is SEO or search engine optimization. While it may seem overwhelmingly technical – even having a basic understanding of SEO can be valuable knowledge.

SEO is a process of affecting the online visibility of a website or webpage in a web search. The point is to increase the potential for your website to be visible in an ‘organic’ search on major search engines (Google, Bing, etc.)

Now, the term ‘organic’ is important. Organic searches are those that are the result of searches that are raw and uninfluenced by relationships between the search provider and another interested party. The opposite of an organic search would be ‘paid search results’ that permits a company to pay for prominence on a website as a commodity. There are two schools of thought on ‘organic’ versus ‘paid’ with some believing web users give more credence to the former and other believe the latter is more beneficial.

There are three key components of SEO that drive the visibility of a site including the type of content people desire or need, the manner in which search engines work and the proper approach to promoting your site on the search engine. High quality content, links and keywords all play a role in your SEO but SEO can also target multiple types of searches, too.

SEO is an internet marketing tool that takes into account how search engines work through the utilization of sophisticated algorithms among other things that determine ‘search engine behavior’ or how people go about using the internet to find information such as what people are searching for and the words they use to go about finding it.

The number of visitors to a website from a search engine depends on the SEO and its ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). Of course, the approach to be taken will depend on the results a company is looking for when it displays its webpage. For instance, a business may want to be found locally before it is found nationally or internationally.

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