Smartphones were born in 2007.  Created by a man named Steve Jobs and his endless supply of scientists and engineers who helped design the iPhone.  The world’s first computer that you could keep in your pocket and pull out whenever it was necessary to make a phone call.  These phones have changed human history and behavior forever.  Things will never be the same.  Everyone is obsessed with and addicted to their phone.  It is the go-to activity whenever you have 30 seconds or more to spare to start scrolling.  Thumbing through Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and God knows whatever other apps the kids are using these days.  We just thumb through the phone, endlessly swiping, downloading, texting, and shopping.

Internet Marketing

Shopping has never been easier.  Anything, EVERYTHING, you could ever want is within the click of a button.  It is a beautiful thing.  But then the times arise where you are not sure what to buy.  That is when a little window pops up showing you a pair of shoes that look similar to the ones you bought six months ago.  They are made by a different company that you have never heard of, which is neat.  Now the rabbit hole is ready to suck you completely into the abyss of online shopping, all thanks to digital marketing. 

Digital marketing is a very simple idea.  Advertise the products on the screens that are being seen the most.  This is why all the social media sights and all the videos are saturated with commercials and advertisements.  This is digital marketing.  It is the pipeline the fuels any good online business.  Word of mouth.  Digital Marketing can increase the internet foot traffic using social media, work to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO), even though mobile app content.

Progressive Office creates custom marketing plans directed toward the need of each client.  Using the individualized marketing strategy, algorithms and other programs pay attention to websites and shopping history. This process is where the program is mining for information to help direct you toward other sites that you may enjoy.  Progressive Office will build brand awareness, increase leads, and grow traffic to bring the website all of the attention that it deserves.  This has not even begun to scratch the service of what Progressive Office has to offer.  They have skilled and knowledgeable experts ready to design a marketing campaign that meets all of your needs.  For more information, please visit