Have you ever spent an entire day and two weeks’ worth of allowance in the arcade refusing to leave until you got the high score on Ms. Pac-man? I use this as an example because that’s what it was for me. I had a crush on Ms. Pac-man. To get my point across though it could be anything; playing one on one basketball with your older brother over and over until you beat him, or hitting house after house, even the ones you’ve already been to, ad nauseum so you can sell more Girl Scout Cookies than anyone else. What I’m getting at is the importance of being the best at something and what it takes to rise to the top, because you always start at the bottom.

When a business has a website, they have to work from the bottom up in order to be successful as well. They can’t just build a website and say, “Well, that’s it . . . it’s done, it’s there, nothing more to do here.” Just because a website exists does not mean that search engine can find it. They have to find ways to maximize the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Without a good SEO, a website may never be seen, regardless of how good your product is, and you will never find your way to the top of the mountain. Progressive Office is here to help your website get seen and noticed by the search engines.

At Progressive Office, improving your SEO isn’t just about getting seen by the search engines, it’s about making your website better for the consumer as well. Progressive Office specializes in finding the key words and phrases that will draw search engines to your website, because Progressive Office understands the importance of having a solid SEO. Most importantly, Progressive Office understands that while certain words or phrases can draw traffic to your website, the wrong moves can bury your website deep in the quagmire that is the online marketplace. Progressive Office knows that your SEO is the first step up the mountain of success, and are here to help you climb all the way to the top.

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