Effectively implementing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results in giving websites greater visibility and searchability, and it also provides several more benefits to businesses. The following will discuss the elements that make SEO important for every company.

Credibility & Trust

For its brand to have a truly strong foundation, a company will have to consistently provide a service or product that has value. Establishing a company’s brand will require commitment, effort, time, and patience. SEO can help build credibility and trust by ensuring a website provides a user experience that makes search and discovery easy. Through effective SEO, a company’s website can maximize its visibility and help it become a trustworthy source of information as determined by search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo!.

Organic Search

An organic search provides search engine search results that are not influenced by paid advertising. Accordingly, results are ranked in terms of relevance to search terms. Thus, organic search plays a key role in determining the performance of a company’s website. Thus, the effectiveness of SEO will influence whether users are converted into buyers. Since Google has won approximately 75% of the search market, it is highly important to follow its guidelines.

First Page

In the SEO playbook, a company that is not on the first page of search results is not winning the organic search battle against its competitors. Research has found that the top three ranking positions of an organic search led to almost 40% of click-throughs. The study also found that 30% of search results on pages one and two do not get a click. At a minimum, a company’s website needs to be on the first page and preferably in the top three of ranked results.

Part 2 will discuss Local SEO, Optimized User Experience, and Quantifiability.

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